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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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Income swings require budgeting, not cash advances

When your monthly income fluctuates, relying on expensive cash advances isn't the way to go

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6 credit tips you should have learned in school, but didn't

Finances and credit are not often taught in school, but if you're looking to start educating yourself, here are six things you need to know about using credit ...

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What to do when job bonus debt repayment plan backfires

Finding out that your plan to repay $5,000 in debt with a bonus that didn't materialize is soul-crushing. Instead of despairing, it's time to formulate plan B ...

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Forget credit limit increase if card is maxed out

Asking for more credit so that you don't bust your credit limit won't fly with card issuers. Work on lowering the balance before pursuing more credit ...

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The hard truth when a loved one steals your credit

Even if a loved one is not in the right mindset, if your card is used without your permission, it is a type of identity theft and against the law ...

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Check credit reports if you're concerned creditor might sue

Checking your credit report is an important step to make sure your credit is the best it can be ...

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Employer credit report request riles student

Does an employer want to see your credit report? That's good news! Here's what you need to know ...

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Spiteful spouse? Convince him his credit is at risk, too

Your ex may try to sabotage your credit, but remind him that his credit file can be affected as well ...

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The secret to great credit management

Being great with money doesn't necessarily translate into having great credit. Learn the secret to having an amazing credit score ...

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