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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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4 steps to increase your credit limit for the holidays

Looking to charge those holiday gifts on your credit card, but you've maxed out your limit? Take these steps ...

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When a simple credit report error could be fraud

You've received your credit report, and unfortunately -- but not uncommonly -- you've found an error. Could it be fraud? Here's what to do ...

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5 tips to keep you on budget this holiday season

Break free of the holiday splurging cycle and stay on budget this year. Here are five tips to keep your gift-giving on track ...

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What to do when an authorized user owes you money

What do you do when an authorized user on your credit card runs up the bill, then refuses to pay you back? Here are a few options ...

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3 ways to protect your identity this holiday season

With retail data breaches on the rise, how can consumers protect themselves this holiday season? Here are three ways to be data savvy while gift shopping ...

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After building great credit, here are the next steps

After building your credit to an excellent score, you might just wonder what your next steps should be ...

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Share your card with an authorized user, not a co-signer

Sharing your card can wreak havoc on your credit no matter what you choose to do, but having a co-signer is more problematic than having an authorized user ...

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Paying back a student loan isn't optional

In most cases, you can't discharge a student loan with bankruptcy, so it isn't going away. Even when broke, paying for your student loans should be a priority ...

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Owner on the hook for company card debt

A business credit card remains the responsibility of the individual who applied for the line of credit, even if the company goes under ...

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