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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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Payoff tips for $15,000 in wedding card charges

Using credit to pay for a dream wedding can leave a newlywed couple in the red. Here are strategies to create a budget and make a dent in the debt ...

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Best way to use windfall to boost credit

A reader wants to know the best way to apply a cash gift from her mom to boost her credit score to qualify for a mortgage ...

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When to turn in a friend for identity theft

If you know that someone is committing identity theft, it is your responsibility to turn them in. If not, you could face legal consequences...

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To stay or not to stay in a debt management plan

Once you're back on your feet financially, is it better for your credit score to see a debt management plan through or pay debts off in a lump sum?

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No, your boss isn't contacted when applying for credit

When applying for a card, the issuer won't verify your income with your boss, but you do need to be honest ...

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Help! I'm being sued for ex-wife's debt

If you don't remove your ex as an authorized card account user post-divorce, you may be in for a world of hurt ...

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Paying off delinquent debt bumps up credit score

Unpaid debts stay on your credit report for years, but if you pay them off, your credit score is bound is rise ...

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4 credit options for new college students

Parents who want to pad their college kids' wallets with plastic this fall need to explore the variety of ways they can do so.

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Stop deluge of card offers in one easy step

All those card offers jamming up your mailbox shows you're a good credit risk, but can you can clear the clutter by opting out...

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