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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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Building credit takes time, patience

Even if you don't have a lot of income, you can build your way toward a great credit card. Here are some tips ...

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How to cut your adult child off financially

Drowning in expenses because your adult child leans on you financially? Here's how to break away ...

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Bounce back from youthful credit mistakes

Even after youthful mistakes are made, you can rebuild your credit with a few simple steps ...

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7 great reasons for having a credit card

Getting a credit card isn't necessary to life, but there are clear advantages. Here are seven of them ...

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Better to be an authorized user or get your own card?

Which is better for a college student -- getting a card as an authorized user on a parent's account or getting your own?

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Clean up your credit for free: Do it yourself

You can pay someone to clean up your credit, but why not do it yourself -- for free? Here is what you need to do ...

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Prepaid cards are not a credit solution

Thinking about prepaid cards because you have lousy credit? There are other, better solutions ...

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Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy

Lenders are more interested in your recent paying habits than what you did a long time ago, which helps when you have filed for bankruptcy ...

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Balance transfer may be the cure for this large balance

Transferring a large balance to a card with zero percent interest sounds like a good idea. But plan accordingly, to avoid getting into a deeper hole ...

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