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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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Share your card with an authorized user, not a co-signer

Sharing your card can wreak havoc on your credit no matter what you choose to do, but having a co-signer is more problematic than having an authorized user ...

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Paying back a student loan isn't optional

In most cases, you can't discharge a student loan with bankruptcy, so it isn't going away. Even when broke, paying for your student loans should be a priority ...

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Owner on the hook for company card debt

A business credit card remains the responsibility of the individual who applied for the line of credit, even if the company goes under ...

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Widow could be responsible for husband's card debt

If your spouse dies and leaves behind credit card debt, there are some instances when you could be responsible for paying it off ...

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Cards aren't evil, just not right for some

Credit cards are designed as payment tools for what you can afford. But do you sometimes feel these plastic squares are out to get you?

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Build a rainy day fund for fun as well as emergencies

If you look at emergency funds as a way to pay for "emergency fun" as well as disasters, you will enjoy saving the money more ...

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How to get out from under a cash advance

When you owe money from a cash advance, you need to make some hard choices: Pare down your costs, step up your income, or both ...

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Hiding a card from your partner may not be worth the risk

Before you open a new credit card without your partner's knowledge, consider the risk if you are discovered ...

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The pros and cons of charging your rent

Charging rent on your credit card may be possible, but is it wise? Here are some ways to do it smartly and even rack up rewards points ...

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