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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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How to land a secured card

Having trouble getting approved for a secured card? Here are the steps that can help you land one ...

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Married doesn't automatically mean joined cards, credit

Just because you have a marriage license doesn't mean your credit is always joined. Issuers look at your credit reports individually ...

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Bankruptcy options when bills can't be paid

What's the best way to get creditors off your back? Should you file for bankruptcy or are there other options?

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When's the best time to seek credit counseling?

Credit counseling isn't about being scolded for your credit mistakes. The sooner you get objective financial advice from a professional, the better ...

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Wife bails husband out of card debt, again

A husband needs his wife to bail him out of card debt -- again. If this continues, what options does this couple have to fix its finances (and marriage)?

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4 steps to increase your credit limit for the holidays

Looking to charge those holiday gifts on your credit card, but you've maxed out your limit? Take these steps ...

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When a simple credit report error could be fraud

You've received your credit report, and unfortunately -- but not uncommonly -- you've found an error. Could it be fraud? Here's what to do ...

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5 tips to keep you on budget this holiday season

Break free of the holiday splurging cycle and stay on budget this year. Here are five tips to keep your gift-giving on track ...

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What to do when an authorized user owes you money

What do you do when an authorized user on your credit card runs up the bill, then refuses to pay you back? Here are a few options ...

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