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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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Preparing your credit for retirement

When you are planning your retirement, also think about how credit figures into your future ...

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With power of attorney, you can monitor mom's credit

When a loved one can no longer care for her finances, obtaining power of attorney is likely the solution ...

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Keep your credit utilization low; don't close paid-off card

You may be tempted to close an account once it's paid off, but by keeping it open and active, you can actually help your credit ...

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Teens need to manage money before credit

If you want to help your underage teen build his credit, the choice is clear -- make him an authorized user. But first, he needs to be able to manage money ...

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What does a landlord look for in a credit file?

Landlords often want to see your credit file before they allow you to rent. Is your credit ready? ...

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After 21, age not a factor when applying for cards

Typically, the older you are, the better your credit should be -- provided you've paid on time and in full -- because you've had time to build your credit ...

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Try small claims court if ex-boyfriend won't pay card bill

Small claims court is an option when someone you once trusted refuses to pay you money owed ...

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Don't let bill in collections impact your credit

A small debt likely won't end in a lawsuit, but don't neglect it and see your credit suffer ...

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4 do-it-yourself debt reduction tips

A debt management plan with a credit counselor is not the best option for everyone. Here are four do-it-yourself tips to get a handle on your debt ...

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