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Each week, credit expert Erica Sandberg answers questions from readers. Please note that it may not always be possible to answer every question or respond to individual inquiries.

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When your spouse opens a card in your names

If you aren't sure whether your spouse has opened a credit card in your name, there are ways to find out ...

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Choosing a credit card when you have low scores

Even if your credit scores are low, there may be cards for you. We'll tell you what you need to know ...

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What to do when identity numbers are stolen

When your Social Security number and driver's license number are stolen, what should you do? ...

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That late medical bill can ding your credit report

Doctor's offices aren't in the business of collections, and frequently turn late payments over to credit agencies. What can you do?

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Cancer patient's court fines go to collections

With his driver's license suspended due to late court fines, this cancer patient struggles with how to fix the situation and make it to doctor's appointments

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When closing a card affects your credit score

There are times when it's OK to close your credit card account -- and there are times when it's a terrible idea. Find out the difference

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Can vet bills be included in bankruptcy?

Trying to include luxury items in your bankruptcy proceedings can be problematic, but are vet bills considered luxury?

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Slim credit file requires thinking creatively

Been off the credit grid for a while? You still may have evidence of a solid credit history. Here are some ways to prove you can handle a mortgage

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Don't let dreams of buying a home fade

Do you want to buy a home, but you have poor credit? Don't despair. In as little as a year, you can turn things around

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