Credit Card Companies

With offers from so many credit card companies, choosing a credit card can be an overwhelming task. Credit Card Guide makes it simple by partnering with banks and credit card issuers, providing you with a wide selection of credit cards with tools and information to help pick the card that's right for you. To narrow down your selection, choose from our partner credit card companies below.

American Express Logo

American Express - American Express has a large selection of credit cards to choose from with several different features. Depending on the card you choose, you can get a card with no annual fee, no pre-set spending limit, and travel or cash rewards. They offer premium rewards cards, flexible payment cards, air travel cards and hotel cards.

Capital One Logo

Capital One® - Capital One has several credit card options depending on your needs. They have cards that offer double miles on every day purchases all the way to cards that allow you to build credit while earning cash at the same time. They also have cards with a 0% intro APR on balance transfers so that you can transfer balances from other cards with high rates.

Citi Logo

Citi Cards - Citibank offers consumer and student credit cards with great features such as cash back and savings, rewards for travel and everyday purchases and great introductory rates. Whether you need a card with no annual fee, low interest or rewards, Citi has a card for you.

Master Card logo

MasterCard® - MasterCard offers services that include easy bill pay, emergency assistance and safer online shopping. In addition to these services, you also get shopping protection, personal assistance and protection, travel assistance and protection as well as access to a wide range of experiences, promotions and savings.

Visa Card logo

Visa® - With a Visa Card, you automatically get several benefits in addition to the benefits that may be available from the card issuer. These benefits include an auto rental collision damage waiver, cardholder inquiry service, emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement, lost/stolen card reporting and zero fraud liability.