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2010 Credit Card Guide Helps Cardholders

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By Steven Gibbs
February 22, 2010

While we have heard and read of all the changes with the implementation of the CARD Act, there are still millions of people that may not know how they will personally be affected. If you are one, fear not; there is information available that can help you get a complete understanding of the new law and your plastic.


Bankrate.com has recently released their 2010 Credit Card Guide to help current and future cardholders gain valuable information when it comes to their credit cards. It also offers useful information on the two features that are drawing the attention of millions of cardholders, which are balance transfers and reward programs. Not only does it cover those features, if you are looking for any types of cards in particular the guide also has valuable information that you should know before you apply.


In my opinion this guide is very useful to anyone who has a credit card  or anyone who may be thinking about getting one as the world of plastic has change as the CARD Act is fully implemented. While we have all heard the changes involved, this guide gives its readers a more in-dept look that could help them become more knowledgeable on how the changes will affect them in their particular situation.