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Should you Use an Inheritance to Pay off Debt?

Two weeks ago, we were staring down a $57,000-plus student loan. We had a plan to put most of our extra money toward this whopper of a debt to wipe it out over the next few years. But it was going to be a long haul. Today, we are debt free. This unexpected turn in [...]

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How to Afford an Expensive Hobby

Frugality often takes center stage on this site, and we’ve provided an array of articles that encourage readers — especially those with debt — to constantly carve the excess from their budgets. But what if you have an expensive hobby — something you enjoy that’s worth spending extra on? Running marathons, riding horses and tinkering [...]

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Forget Cash-Only: We Just Went Plastic-Only

My husband and I recently made a big change in the way we handle our finances: We’re now using an airline rewards card for almost all our monthly expenses. We used to pay bills right from our bank account via online banking and paid cash for almost everything else. Making the switch to credit was [...]

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How Much Do Status Symbols Cost You?

I didn’t get a smartphone until just over a year ago. This meant I was walking around in 2012 with a phone that flipped open and could be used for nothing except phone calls and text messages (of limited length). Yet I paid less than $30 a month for the thing, which was good enough [...]

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Does the Personal Finance Industry Talk Down to Women?

Do women get short shrifted when it comes to their money management skills? That may just be the case. According to a February 2013 survey conducted by the nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling, “nearly 80 percent of women in relationships bear the responsibility of managing household finances” — often without any help from their significant [...]

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Don’t leave your wallet home just yet — mobile payments have a ways to go

“Ma’am, I don’t know what that is, and nobody has asked me that question before,” the cashier at my favorite local sandwich shop told me. “We take cash or card.” That was the response I got after asking if I could pay for my sandwich using Square Wallet, a mobile payment app. The deli was [...]

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