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Donate a dollar in the checkout line? Why I say “no”

You’re in line at the grocery store, you swipe your card to pay, and the cashier — or PIN pad — asks if you’d like to donate a dollar or more to charity. What do you do? If you’re paying with plastic, it can be especially tempting to say yes without thinking, because it makes [...]

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Stores are tracking your every move via your cellphone

As Black Friday of 2011 approached, two shopping malls (one in California and one in Virginia) announced plans to track holiday shoppers via their cellphone signals as they moved from store to store. The backlash from consumers was swift, and both malls canceled their plans. Score one for privacy, right? Actually, probably not. Since then, [...]

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2 credit card marketing tactics that make me squeamish

Because I work for a card comparison site, friends and family often assume I’m a credit card proponent. But that’s not always accurate. Because I learn about debt and its consequences all day every day, I accept that certain people should steer clear of plastic. Plus, editing stories about deciphering sales pitches, researching rewards programs [...]

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How complex is your financial life?

I spent a lot of time debating getting a second credit card. It wasn’t because the credit line would tempt me. It was because I didn’t want another bill to worry about, another account to manage, another statement to check. In other words, I didn’t want to make my financial life more complex. Still, you [...]

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Could you go a year without spending? These roommates are trying

“Spending fasts” and no-spend challenges are a staple of the personal finance advice world. The idea is to cut down on discretionary spending for a certain amount of time (often as little as a day) except for  necessary bills. When done regularly, no-spend challenges can give your wallet a break, help you bulk up your [...]

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I regret saying “yes” to that store credit card sales pitch

I know store credit cards don’t always offer the best deal for consumers. And I’m usually quick to say no to these cards, even if the clerk offers a special deal. But recently I was in Dillard’s shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding. It was late, I was tired and it was [...]

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