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How to keep your miles alive without buying stuff you don’t need

I got an email from Southwest Airlines warning me that my miles would be expiring in January. Rapid Rewards points expire after two years. Because I now live in American Airlines territory, it’s been a while since I’ve earned points. I’ve already let my points with AirTran and Frontier expire this year because I had [...]

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How to convert your spouse to frugality

Earlier this year, my husband, Joe, and I got out of debt. That was a fantastic feeling, but there was one problem: We had different visions of life after debt. I was ready to kick up our saving a few notches to create more financial security. But Joe, after years of penny-pinching, wanted to finally [...]

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My gift card audit: I had almost $80 lying around

Short on cash? After you’re done digging around in couch cushions and winter coat pockets, look to the gift cards hiding in the back of your wallet. You may have more money on those cards than you think. Realizing my wallet was thick with not-quite-used-up gift cards, I decided to do an audit. So I [...]

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Credit card deposit can lead to post-vacation stress

My husband and I (and our dogs) recently spent a weekend at a cabin in the mountains of north Georgia for some much-needed relaxation. The trip was wonderful, but one thing stressed me out: the vacation rental deposit. The cabin itself was more like a rustic house, with two floors, a full kitchen and a [...]

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I’ve been converted: Why I’m now an early holiday shopper

I have a friend (and don’t we all?) who always finishes her holiday shopping before the end of November. I often mocked her — and yet I wanted to be her. Sure, I’d make fun of her “Done with shopping! Good luck out there, procrastinators!” Facebook update on Thanksgiving weekend while I ate pie. But [...]

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When it comes to personal finances, millennials follow their friends

My parents said it, and perhaps yours did as well: “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?” It was a rage-inducing line that generally corresponded with me not getting what I wanted. Yet the underlying advice is pretty solid: “Think before you follow.” Those who don’t learn that lesson [...]

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