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Video: The Points Guy talks travel perks

Wondering how your credit card can smooth travel hassles and help you fly for free? CCG Editor at Large Erica Sandberg hung out with Brian Kelly, founder of, to find out how to maximize your card’s travel rewards during the holidays — and year round. In the video, Kelly talks about his time as [...]

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Gone paperless? You still need to check your mail

Like a lot of people nowadays, I pay my bills and get my account statements online. That means I’ve gotten pretty bad about checking my (snail) mailbox. It’s mostly full of catalogs and coupons, anyway. Unless I’m expecting something (such as a replacement for a soon-to-expire credit card, a package or a medical bill), I [...]

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Developing a healthy relationship with one-click purchasing

I have a personal finance confession to make: I love one-click purchasing. I write about personal finance, so I know that anything that makes spending more mindless typically is a bad thing for consumers. And I know that I definitely spend more when I have the ability to make quick, easy impulse purchases online. In [...]

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The unexpected expenses that have been attacking my budget

I have an emergency account. And I count myself as one of the lucky folks who can keep enough in a checking account for regular expenses and some fun on the side. But what about those sneaky “gray area” expenses that aren’t quite emergencies, aren’t quite regular living expenses and definitely aren’t fun? Here are [...]

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Want a discount on a big-ticket purchase? Just ask

Are you clipping coupons to save a few cents here and there, but missing the chance to save big by not asking for a discount on major purchases? Recently, I was shopping for a sectional sofa to go in our newly remodeled living room. One day, I saw a coupon code for 25 percent off [...]

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