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Are credit freezes worth your time and money?

Some experts swear by credit freezes as a way to protect your credit rating. Others advise against it. What’s right for you?

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Don’t let foreign charges trip you up

Like to shop online with international merchants? Here are four ways to make sure you don’t get stuck with online international transaction fees

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A new twist in card perks — FICO scores

Card issuers are rolling out a new benefit of membership that is free and, for once, doesn’t encourage you to spend

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Despite doubts, I’m a newly Mint-ed money manager

Online financial tools like help you budget, plan and track your money. But what about security? Here’s what we found out

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5 ways to tame your medical bills

Don’t let your medical bills get away from you. With these five organizing tips, you can make sure your credit isn’t dinged by a forgotten bill

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How I kept recurring charges from dragging me down

Have you ever signed up for a product or service that charged a monthly fee to your credit card, realized you no longer wanted it, but neglected to cancel? Recurring charges have tripped me up several times lately, and it’s easy to see why. Automatic recurring subscriptions or orders typically work on the same principle [...]

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