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How to embrace your shredder … and what to discard

Buying a shredder is my last step in learning to let go of stuff, in this case, mail. Here’s what I learned about what to shred and why.

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Is the cost of hiring for chores worth the money?

There are two things Americans never seem to have enough of: time and money. Which is more important?

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The real secret to high credit scores

There are a few simple rules to getting great credit scores, and they start with the simplest of them all — forget about your score …

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Budget for gifts or pay the consequences

With wedding season and graduations upon us, it’s important to budget for gifts.

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Financial planners are our friends … really

It’s common to stress about meeting with a financial planner. But it doesn’t have to be that way …

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Google Hangout on Air about business cards

We explore business credit cards with the Credit Union Guy, Greg Meyer. Catch him on our Google Hangout on Air …

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