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American Express Helps You Give More than Money

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By Steven Gibbs
March 11, 2010

When it comes to giving to those that are less fortunate, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In many cases it is simply giving some monetary amount to a favorite charity or organization hoping that the donation will help those in need. While in the past this method was one of the most popular choices, things are constantly changing and companies like American Express have decided to do more. Now programs like the “Member Project” are leading the way, and simply giving money to charities in much more involved.


For American Express there are many ways to help give to those in need; and believe it or not, it is not all about using your credit card to make purchases. One of those ways, which was recently announced, is by simply performing volunteer work. By volunteering at participating organizations cardholders earn up to 500 reward points for every hour, up to a total of 10,000 points. If you are not a rewards cardholder there is no need to fret, as you can still donate the points you would earn to charities instead, by going through their giving interface located at AmericanExpress.com/give.


Another great way to give to those in need is by simply giving a few minutes of your time to vote at TakePart.com/MembersProject. Here cardholders are able to vote once a week for their favorite charity or the charity that they believe needs financial support. Every quarter, five charities are chosen and each receives $200,000. While you may not find the specific charity you are looking for, you will definitely find one that well deserving of the contribution and will put it to good use.