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American Express Moves past Card Art with Zync Charge Card

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By Steven Gibbs
May 10, 2010

As more credit card issuers give the option for its cardholders to choose what is shown on the front of their plastic, it seems that one issuer has decided to do something a little different. That issuer is American Express and they have decided to do this with one of its newest credit cards available; the Zync Charge Card. With Zync, cardholders are given the ability to receive only the rewards and features they want; giving its cardholders more control over both their finances and personal life.


With the official launch of the Zync Card, there are 10 different packs that cardholders can choose from now that the offer is out of beta testing. Each is unique in the types of rewards you can receive and they involve the following:

  • Give Back
  • Family Travel
  • Personal Finance
  • Eco
  • Music
  • Go
  • Food & Wine
  • Connect
  • Style
  • Restaurant

When it comes to how these packs are received by potential cardholders, it is something that is expected to go over fairly easy. While there are fees involved with many of the packs, which will be added to the annual fee for the card; they are for the most part either lower or very competitive to other traditional cards that are commonly applied for within the credit card space. One advantage of getting the Zync is the fact that it is indeed a charge card that traditionally gives better rewards and cost less than other reward credit card.