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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Keep a Calculator Handy When You Shop

It happens every time. I live a few blocks down from a high-end grocer and every once in a while, I’ll spend a lazy weekend afternoon wandering the aisles ogling “deals” for swanky items like “single source organic cacao chocolate bars,” “olive oil tortas” and “black cherry all natural soda.”   Usually, I can stop [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Debt is Easier to Shed Than Keep Off for Good

Last fall, I finally paid off my credit card bill in full and kept the debt off for a record two months. It was exhilarating. After months of financial dieting and careful tracking, I had finally achieved my zero debt goal. Then the holidays hit and my newfound financial discipline went AWOL. Initially, I started [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Say No to Holiday Debt Stress

I have a large blended family and so budgeting for the holidays always stresses me out. This year, my family grew even larger, making Christmas-time budgeting an even bigger challenge.   As I started doing the math earlier this week trying to figure how much I could afford to spend on each new in-law and [...]

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This Week In Personal Finance Blogging: Financial Literacy Edition

As a kid, the closest I came to learning about personal finance was playing Monopoly with my brother, who had a knack for gobbling properties and bulldozing his opponents. The lessons I learned were generally about what not to do with your money, but they’re still useful to me today: Don’t isolate yourself – you’ll [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Bigger Jerk, Better Credit Score?

  I admit it. I’m kind of a pushover. If someone asks me for a favor, I have a hard time saying no.   It’s gotten so bad that I’ve taken to screening my calls when certain family members’ numbers show up, and I shamelessly pretend I’m so busy I can’t breathe when I accidentally [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

  I was 18 when I opened my first Bank of America checking account, and I still have the same decade-old photograph on my Bank of America debit card.   I remember driving to my local bank in downtown Mission, Texas, after school and shyly asking to see a customer service representative about opening my [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Don’t Forget the Details

  It’s easy to talk the talk and say you’re going to pursue a long-term financial goal, such as ‘reshape your budget’ or ‘become debt-free for good.’ However, if you’re like me, chronic procrastination – and a tendency to favor the big picture over the mundane — can easily derail you.   Lately, my grand [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Subtract Before You Add

  As I was driving along the interstate on a recent weekend, the plastic undertray beneath my car bumper came loose for the fourth time in less than a month — causing an angry scraping sound that made me think that something was seriously wrong with my car.   Fixing the immediate problem turned out [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: Back-to-School for Procrastinators

  Today’s the first day of school here in Austin, TX, and in other parts of the country. However, not all schools are open yet, giving many procrastinating parents a few more days to do their last-minute school shopping.   A July survey from the market research group NDP found that most parents are pushing [...]

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This Week in Personal Finance Blogging: The Power of Tomorrow

  I’ve got a borrowed copy of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” audio book in my car right now, and every once in a while, I flip it on while stuck in wrenching traffic, take a half-dozen deep-belly yoga breaths and try my best to appreciate the present moment – nevermind that I’m stuck [...]

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