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Marcia Frellick


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Prepaid Cards May be a Better Deal For Inexperienced Consumers

The warnings about prepaid cards are well-publicized — they often come with high (sometimes hidden) fees, and the cards lack uniform federal protections. But September 2012 research by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds that , for some consumers, the cards are a better deal than having a checking account. Here’s why: The spenders who are [...]

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Credit Card Use Catching On in China

Credit card use in China has been slow to take off, but signs say that’s rapidly changing. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that China had about 268 million credit cards circulating by September 2011, more than five times the number at the end of 2006. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri (MU) have [...]

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Consumers Feeling More Content with their Credit Cards, Survey Shows

American Express once again swiped top honors from 10 competitors in the annual J.D. Power and Associates credit card satisfaction survey. It’s the sixth year in a row consumers have put the company at the top of the list, this time with 807 points out of a possible 1,000. Next in line, in order, were [...]

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Election Season Scams: No, Obama Won’t be Paying Your Utility Bill

As election season kicks into high gear, scammers will be among those counting on your support. Don’t be fooled: Despite the pitches you may have been getting, President Obama will not be paying any or your electric bill, and you won’t win a trip to the tropics for participating in an election survey. The Better [...]

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Starbucks Deal Puts Square App in the Spotlight

Starbucks and Square have signed a venti-sized deal that could make that frappuccino even easier to buy — and, possibly, make a major player out of the payment start-up. You may have heard of Square — it’s the mobile payments company that makes those swipe dongles small merchants and Girl Scouts alike have been plugging [...]

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Google Wallet Ruffles Some Feathers in Move to Cloud

Google Wallet took a big step toward mass adoption this week, but it may have stepped on some big toes in the process. On Wednesday, Google, which had enabled payments only by Citi MasterCard and a Google-branded prepaid card since its launch nearly a year ago, made this announcement: “Today we’re releasing a new, cloud-based [...]

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EBay Welcomes Under-18 Crowd — How to Keep Tabs on Your Child’s Account

By the middle of next year, kids under 18 may be able to open their own eBay accounts and start to bid on everything from baseball cards to jewelry, with parental supervision. That brings a new load of challenges in terms of privacy and protecting kids from scammers and inappropriate content. And, for parents, it [...]

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Government Watchdog to Keep an Eye on Credit Reporting Agencies

On Sept. 30, the biggest private agencies that collect information on how you manage credit will have to answer to a federal watchdog. Credit reporting agencies are private companies that keep files and issue reports on your current and past records on dealing with loans, payments and bankruptcies. Those reports can be used in deciding [...]

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Twitter Users Getting Careless With Their Cards

So you got a shiny new debit card or credit card in the mail — maybe your first ever. Time to take a picture and show it off to your friends online, right? No! That’s the message from a Twitter account set up to point out the dangers (and stupidity) of posting card information or [...]

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Are Consumers Finally Digging Themselves Out of Debt?

Consumers can give themselves a pat on the back for learning to manage their credit card payments, according to a new report from the American Bankers Association. ABA’s Consumer Delinquency Bulletin for the first quarter of 2012 shows that the number of delinquent bank card accounts — those with payments at least 30 days overdue [...]

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