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Businesses Finding Many More Credit Cards Available

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By Steven Gibbs
July 15, 2010

Business Credit CardsWhen it comes to choosing a business credit card, what cards rank at the top or your list? While they are not the same cards that you may have seen a year or so ago, there are many that have become available to both large and small business owners over the last couple of months. Each are different in their own way and each can be used in varies ways that can help the business owner manage their spending in tough economic times such as those we are going through today.


As any business owner can tell you when it comes to business credit cards many times it can be hard to find the right plastic that works best in their situation. In an article entitled "Editor’s Pick: Best Business Credit Cards 2010" business owners can find some of the top cards for the situation that they may find themselves. The three listed include those that do not carry a balance, those looking for a 0% balance transfer rate and the best offers for those wish to carry a balance from month to month. As far as plastic goes, you will see many popular cards such as one of the newest rewards card Venture Card from Capital One to the no frills but low interest Platinum Visa for Business from Bank of America.


Overall, when it comes to business credit cards things are changing for the better and issuers are looking to right the wrongs of leaving so many businesses without plastic. Now that many cards have voluntary protection from issuers, businesses are finding that they are much friendlier than the first part of 2010 (even after the CARD Act was put into place). If you are a business owner I would love to hear from you. Let me know what plastic if any you have turned to and the reasoning behind it.