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Capital One’s Venture Credit Card Gives Twice the Rewards

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By Steven Gibbs
March 16, 2010

Editor’s note: The offers in this article have changed. For an up-to-date list of cards in this category, go to our Travel & Airline page.

As reward cards have become one of the most popular types of credit cards available throughout the years, many people are looking for rewards that stand out from the rest and offers great value. While in the past there have not been too many issuers that offered something new that would catch consumers’ attention, the times have change. With a new card recently introduced by Capital One that offers travels rewards much better than any available today, it looks as the face of rewards is dramatically changing and cardholders will reap rewards never thought possible.


With the newest card from Capital One, known as the Venture Card, cardholders are getting twice the travel rewards that they currently may be receiving from other credit cards in their pocketbook. While many issuers give cardholders rewards for certain purchases and put restrictions on how they can be redeemed, Venture is much different. This new plastic offers double miles on every purchase without expiration dates, or any limits/restrictions on how many points can be earned and when/where you can fly.


So what all does the Venture Card from Capital One offer? According to their site they give consumers the following:

  • 2 miles per dollar on all net purchases
  • Rewards that have no limit and don’t expire
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 10,000 bonus miles when $1,000 is spent in first three months
  • Ability to fly free on any airline without blackout dates
  • Ability to redeem on travel purchases
  • Simple redemption schedule
  • Exclusive customer service
  • Access to exclusive benefits

When looking at other things that make this offer stand out from other travel rewards cards, great features include that no advance booking is required and that any airline can be used when redeeming your miles. As far as redeeming your rewards the approach could not be any easier. All cardholders must do is make their travel purchase with the Venture Card, then go to the Capital One website or call and they will be reimbursed with the cost of the transaction being refunded on their next statement.