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Low Interest Credit Cards Worth Getting

Low interest credit cardsWhen it comes to choosing a low interest credit card, what cards rank at the top or your list? While the answer will be different for everyone, the ultimate goal with any low interest card is to save money. With many cards available today that have great introductory rates as well as others that low regular APRs, it is most often hard at times to sort through literally hundreds of cards to find the best plastic available.


Recently the folks here at wrote an article entitled “Editorís Pick: Best Low Interest Credit Cards 2010″ that breaks down a couple of the hottest plastic available to consumers. While there are many cards to choose from, those that made the list offer cardholders much more than lower cost if they decide to carry a balance. The top choices included a couple of cards that you may or may not have heard about, and those are the Simmons First Visa Platinum, the PenFed Promise VISA Card and the IBERIABANK Visaģ Classic Card. In all, while these offers may be a little difficult to get approved for by some, for those that are able to get a hold of any of these plastics it is well worth it.


As with many different types of credit cards, there are several other low interest cards that can save you money in the long run. If you do decide to apply for a new card always make sure you read and understand the terms and any other paperwork that is associated with the card. While your interest rate may be a percentage that are comfortable with paying when applying, if the terms are not followed your rates could be raised and negate any saves you have accrued.


Credit Card Interest Rates’ Slow Climb

While many people have probably come to expect an increase in credit card interest rates with a change in the prime rate, many are finding that these rates have slowly been increasing without it. While it has not been very noticeable to many, experts and researchers believe this will change as the “time of historically low interest rates” are now at an end.


According to an article entitled “Credit Card Interest Rates to Trend Higher“, interest rates of credit cards have been slowly increasing and are expected to continue. In fact, it is stated that the average credit card interest rate reached just above 14% in February, up from 12% of two years ago. In addition to that many experts believe that it will drastically rise by the end of this year, possibly pushing the average to above 16%. In any case, the two percent increase that has occurred already has already added about $200 more that the cardholder must pay in interest each year.


When it comes to why interest rates have risen over the past couple of months many have placed the blame on things such as our nationís burgeoning debt, weakening economy, renewed fears of inflation as well as many other things. Whatever the case interest rates which Americans have enjoyed for the past several decades seems to be coming to an end, leaving millions of people no other choice than to have to pay more for many financial products and services.


Is Lowering Credit Card Interest Rates Enough?

What can credit card issuers do to get cardholders to make more purchases? As this question would seem comical, it is one that has probably been brought up in every credit card issuers’ boardroom across the country. While it may seem like the answer is simple, now that many people have shifted to other forms of payment, card issuer may have more to worry about than lowering interest rates.


While lowering interest rates is one thing that could possible get consumers to start using their plastic more, it is only part of the answer. After a year of increased interest rates and decreased limits on majority if not all cardholders, many have had no other choice but to rethink how they will pay for goods and services. During this time, consumers have had the ability to restructure their financial goals and determine if using a credit card would fit in with them.


For issuers, when it comes to answering the question of how to increase card usage it would seem that they have quite a dilemma. On one hand, while delinquencies have declined for many issuers over the last few months, they are still much higher than years past. On the other, many issuers as well as experts really are not sure of the exact moves that will need to be made after the new laws have been fully implemented. Since both of these issues directly correlate with future changes it would seem any changes that influence credit card usage may take some time to be implemented if at all.


The Ever Elusive Low Interest Credit Card

Are you currently looking for a low interest credit card, only to find that many have either been switch to a variable interest rate or completely disappeared? If so, you are like millions of other Americans that seem to be searching in vain. However this does not have to be the case as it seems the new places to look are smaller banks and credit unions.


According to an article entitled "Credit Unions Offer the Best Low Interest Deals" when it comes to the largest credit unions, interest rates are considerably lower than many of the major national issuers. Not only that, it also seems that consumers can expect other fees that have been added or increased by many of the major issuers to be much lower at credit unions if they exist at all.


So why hasn’t everyone who has had their credit card terms changed dramatically moved over to get low interest credit card from a credit union? For some it could simply be the fact that credit unions are on a membership basis with many requiring a deposit be made with that institution. In addition to that, traditionally when getting credit extended the limit may be too low to make the purchases traditionally made on many other credit cards. As for the other reason, it is that millions of people are trying to be debt free, and for them plastic is one option that is not an option.


Low Interest Rate Credit Cards: Fact or Fiction

During a time when many Americans have seen their interest rates rise and credit limit decrease, there is one type of credit card that almost seems like a myth. That’s right, I am talking about credit cards that are tabbed as low interest. If asked, many people may tell you that they don’t exist or the interest rates will change after the first couple of months of making purchases with the card. The fact is that there are still low interest cards around, but due to the tightening of criteria and decreases in lending the cards are harder to obtain. 


Even more so today, for most low interest rate credit cards you may need to have excellent credit. So if you are looking for a great credit card and meet the requirements; the options are plentiful and the rates are low. For example, take the credit card from Simmons First National Bank which could very well have one of the lowest APRs in the country.


When looking at a low interest rate credit card, one must remember that the rate itself could pertain to purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, or even all three. So please read the terms and conditions closely, as this can help determine if this is the right card for you.


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