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Chase Focuses on Reliability with Business Owners

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By Steven Gibbs
June 30, 2010

Chase Business Credit CardsWhen it comes to any company getting in front of your primary audience is key, and credit card issuers are no exception.  While in majority of the cases we see marketing focused primarily on the products or services being sold, we rarely see the spotlight on the costumer. Like anything else one of the best and most effect things any company can have is a positive recommendation from "word of mouth". In a few days we will start to see one credit card issuer show their cardholder’s opinion in an effort to get the attention of other potential customers.


Starting early July, business owners will begin seeing advertising from Chase in an effort to focus in on the reliability actual New York business owners have in their "Ink" cards. For the most part they detail what business owner love most about their plastic and how they benefit most by using their Ink business card over other business credit cards that are available to them. When it comes to where Chase plans to advertise, they plan to put their ads on highly viewed television stations as well as highly read publications. As for television stations they include Discovery, ESPN, FOX News, History Channel, MLB on FOX, The Science Channel and even the Weather Channel. For print ads they can be viewed within The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, as well as a couple others.


When it comes to the Ink line of cards, Chase has made them a priority as one of the newest business cards available to small business owners. As when they were first announced the ultimate goal for the Ink cards was to address the needs that small businesses have displayed from daily operations. In addition to that they also wanted to give quick access to capital as well as improve cash flow. From the real life responses that business owners have concerning their plastic, it looks like Chase has done exactly that.