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Chase Increases Rewards on Freedom Credit Card

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By Steven Gibbs
March 3, 2010

When it comes to the types of credit cards that seem to be garnering the attention of prospective cardholders today, there is no surprise that reward cards are at the top of the list. Even while many are searching far and wide for low interest credit cards, rewards still are finding their way into pocketbooks mainly due to the fact that cardholders are receiving cash among other things for using their plastic to make purchase they were going to make anyway.


As one of the most popular Chase credit cards, it now looks like Chase has decided to raise the amount of cash back (up to 5 percent) you receive on some of the most popular purchases going into the spring and summer seasons for the Chase Freedom Card. For cardholders, the two important dates in which you should start to receive the five percent cash back are March 15 and April 1. On March 15, cardholders will receive increased cash back at places like home improvement stores, lawn and garden outlets, and retail locations that sell home furnishings. On April 1, cardholders will get the five percent cash back on place where they dine, at grocery stores, drug stores and more.


When it comes to cash back and reward credit cards the boost with Chase Freedom may be something that is only the beginning when it comes to enticing cardholders to pay with their plastic. As many people have started to spend less with their credit cards, issuers have become hard pressed to come up with ways to become the top choice for making payments once again. As Chase was not the first to start the year off using money as an incentive (Discover’s "It Pays to Discover Everyday Giveaway"), they will definitely not be the last and you can be rest assured that other issuers will follow suit very soon.