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Chase “Ink” Small Businesses into Game Plan

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By Steven Gibbs
September 23, 2009

Chase Business Credit CardAnyone will tell you that small businesses have been through many tests and trails since the recession begun more than a year ago. Besides the decrease in sales and profit, many business owners saw their primary way to purchase goods and services lost when they were no longer allowed to make new purchases with their credit cards. In fact, the largest business credit card issuer at the time, which was Advanta, even shut their doors and sold parts of their portfolio to American Express. Now with a new line of business credit cards, Chase hopes to give businesses what they want and need most; credit.


Recently, Chase announced a suite of business cards known as "Ink from Chase" specifically geared toward small businesses. At the moment, the suite consist of four cards, with one being a charge card meaning it must be paid in full each month. The names of the cards are the Ink, Ink Cash, Ink Bold and Ink Plus.


Chase has stated that they engineered the "Ink" line of cards to address the needs that small businesses have displayed from daily operations. These cards hope to not only ease these daily operations, but also give quick access to capital as well as improve cash flow. As with many business credit cards today these cards also give business owners the ability to earn and redeem priceless rewards based on their cardholder’s preferences.