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Chase Wants to Hear From Business Credit Cardholders

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By Steven Gibbs
January 20, 2010

Chase Business Credit CardsIn today’s economic environment one thing that everyone would love is to have a voice when it comes to their banking institution. While many banks have yet to hear the consumer’s cries it seems that one is willing to try. That bank is Chase and they have created a project called "The Chase Business Advisory Board" geared specifically for their current business credit cardholders. According to their site, those that join the group will have the ability to share opinions and experiences with products and services, help design and improve policies, and much more.


Besides letting your voice be heard, it looks as those that join also get to receive rewards by simply letting their voices be heard. One of those rewards seems to be an entry into a sweepstakes where 10 registrants will receive $100. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to receive other cash and prizes for each survey taken.


So will your voice truly make a difference? Well that remains to be seen. Traditionally when companies decide to get consumers’ opinions on this magnitude, there will be a change somewhere down the road. Whether or not it will be taken as beneficial by the consumer is another story. However, with all the changes within the credit card industry and the lack of credit being extended (especially to small business); hopefully Chase will not only hear the people but give them what they need.