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Citi Bank Saves you Five at the Gas Pump

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By Steven Gibbs
May 9, 2010

Shell Gas Rewards Credit CardHave you noticed gas prices increasing slowly across the nation? Whether you have or haven’t, it seems that this year will follow years past by putting stress on drivers where it really counts. While there aren’t many things that you can do to keep gas prices from increasing, some issuers are hoping to help relieve some of the pressure at the pump by given rewards such as cash back. The newest credit card issuer to do this is Citi Bank as they recently released what is known as the "Shell Drive for Five Card".


So what exactly is this "drive for five" and how does it work? With this new credit card, cardholders are able to save five cents on each gallon of Shell gas purchased. In addition that that consumers also receive quite a bit of extra benefits which include the following:

  • Pay-at-the-pump convenience
  • Separate tracking of gasoline purchases
  • Online account management and payment features
  • Revolving terms or pay in full with a 25-day grace period
  • $0 liability for unauthorized charges
  • ATM cash access
  • Citi Identity Theft Solutions protection

While everyone loves to get cash back on gas, one must know that there are a couple of small stipulations in order to receive your credit which appears on the cardholder’s monthly billing statement. Although there probably won’t be many that have a problem with this, the one that stands out the most is that at least 45 gallons must be purchases within a given month. In addition to the minimum amount that must be purchases there is also a maximum amount that you will receive credit. As a limit, cardholders are reimbursed up to 100 gallons each month.


Looking for more ways to save money on Shell gasoline without using a credit card, try one that hooks up to your checking account and still receive a discount on your purchases. Details can be found on an earlier post entitled, "Shell Targets College Students Via "$aver Card".