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Citi’s Green Rewards and “Playlist for Earth” for Earth Day

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By Steven Gibbs
April 12, 2010

CitiBank Green Rewards Credit CardSo how do you plan on celebrating Earth Day’s 40th anniversary? While for many it is volunteering or participating in a mass organized event, for others they will simply be "rocking out". That is because Citi Bank wants its ThankYou Network Members to celebrate Earth Day 2010 with Green Rewards and an event known as "Playlist for Earth".


As for creating a "Playlist for Earth" Citi has decided to invite its more than 12 million cardholders to submit their favorite music playlist. To entice its members to get involved sooner than later, they are also giving the first 500 members to submit their list five free music downloads from Sony Music Entertainment. In addition to music, members are also encouraged to detail what inspired them to choose the songs that they did. So why was music choosing this year as such an influential part of Earth Day? According to Sony Music, it is because music is a universal language that helps connect people and raise awareness around important issues like the environment. In all it is a powerful tool that can be used to help protect the planet.


When it comes to "green rewards", they are relatively new with its connection to credit cards. Unlike other reward cards where issuers may have many offers, with green rewards at the moment you typically find that each major issuer only has a limited amount within their portfolio. Even with so few cards on the market, these cards continue to grow in popularity as more people become focused on the environment. Largely due to this growing number you will probably see more green reward credit cards enter into the market. As with any other product, as demand grows so will supply and these environmentally target cards are no exception.