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Citi’s “Thank You” Appropriately Termed for Haiti Relief

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By Steven Gibbs
January 28, 2010

Citibank Credit Card Reward PointsWhen it comes to the relief efforts in Haiti is looks like Citibank wants to do a little more than just pledge thousand of dollars, but they need your help.


If you’re a Citibank cardholder you can now help the Haiti relief effort by using your Citi credit card to make purchases that accrue reward points. With these reward points, cardholders are now able to give cash through the Citi’s reward program known as the "ThankYou Network". Starting at just 5000 points, donations are given in denominations of $50 and $100 to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.


If you would like to give donations using your reward points you can go to Thankyou.com or by calling (800) THANKYOU, or (800) 842-6596.