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Discover Cardholders Have Fun for Less at Six Flags

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By Steven Gibbs
June 25, 2010

Discover Credit Card PromotionAs millions of families hit the road this summer to take a little break from their everyday life, many are looking for ways to save money when they travel. While for some it may be by taking a shorter vacation or by taking one a little bit closer to home, for others it could be by simply using their credit card to make their purchase. To be exact it would need to be a Discover branded card as it was recently announced that they were chosen as the “official credit card” of the Six Flags Theme Parks.


As for what Discover cardholders will receive when they use their plastic to make purchases to and within the park, it could be well worth it. Benefits include the following and much more:

  • Four tickets for $99 (date restrictions apply)
  • Priority at entrance to any of the parks via a Discover-branded gate
  • Discounted meal packages within the parks
  • Ability to access to park after closing to general public (on select dates)
  • Ability to access parks before they open for the year (starting in 2011)

When it comes to getting cardholders attention as well as getting them to use their credit cards more, this year issuers have made major moves with many national companies. Already we have seem many partner with merchants (both brick and mortar and online) as well as travel companies among others. While some may be more beneficial to you than others, one thing that has been worthwhile about these partnerships is the fact that consumer have the ability to save more money on things that they were going to make purchases on originally.