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Discover Gives a Cash Back Bonus to Those Who Serve

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By Steven Gibbs
June 2, 2010

American Flag Discover Credit CardWhen it comes to ways we thank our soldiers for protecting the freedoms that Americans are able to have, both individuals and companies have found creative ways to show their appreciate for the sacrifices that they make. Credit card issuers are no exception, and one issuer in particular has found one way that shows thanks while putting cash back into the pockets of those serving in the U.S. Military.


That issuer is Discover and they recently announced that they are giving cardholders both Double Cashback Bonus® and Double Miles on purchases made at United States military bases from Memorial Day through Labor Day. While one would think that this is only on U.S. soil, these rewards are on purchases made in military installations in the United States and overseas, and includes purchases made at commissaries, exchanges, convenience stores, gas stations located on bas and more.


While our military personally only have a few days on the calendar where they receive praise for what they have done, companies like Discover have decided to show thanks to the Vets in a way that they have done for the last three years. When it comes to why this issuer has chosen to make give these rewards to our military personal over the last couple of years a representative states "Giving our service men and women a little something extra is a great way for us to express the gratitude we have for all that they do."


More information on getting Discover cash back bonuses and other ways to help our soldiers, details can be found at www.discover.com/military.