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Discover’s Ever-Growing Focus on Credit Card Rewards

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By Steven Gibbs
July 30, 2010

Discover Cash Back Credit CardAs we move throughout the summer and credit card issuers look to find ways to get consumers to make more purchases on their cards, there has been one type of card that has literally stolen the spotlight. That type of plastic is a rewards credit card and many people have started choosing this type over many others that they may have primarily used in the past. Because of the amount of attention these cards have garnered we have seen quite a few issuers release new reward cards in hopes get consumers’ attention.  Overall in the last couple of months it seems that even with that focus, issuers have yet to keep up with Discover, whom once again made news with their reward program.


It was recently announced that cardholders can now look forward to new ways to spend their hard earned rewards points as they have redesigned their reward redemption site. With the redesign, Discover states that there will be hundreds of new brand-name merchandise as well as other options which include charity donations, cash via direct deposit as well as statement credits. Many of the newer merchandise allow cardholders to snag great things for as little as $20 that would be earned by making purchases with their plastic. For many if not all of the merchandise that is redeemed cardholders will even receive free shipping which is a plus no matter how you look at it.


Besides a redesign of their redemption process, Discover has made other big moves dealing with rewards. At the beginning of the year a contest named "It Pays to Discover Everyday Giveaway" was launched which gives cardholders the opportunity to win a grand prize of 1 million dollars as well as other cash prizes. Another way that Discover has decided to give extra rewards was by giving those that serve in the United States military double cash back and miles on purchases made on military bases from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Lastly they recently were named the official card of Six Flags Theme Parks and give cardholders the opportunity to receive savings as well as bonus points for using Discover plastic for tickets as well as other purchases within the park.