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For Someone It Will Pay to “Discover”

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By Steven Gibbs
January 7, 2010

Discover Card GiveawayWhile many people move to cash as their primary way to pay, it looks like credit card issuers will have to get very creative to win their customers back. While it may be hard for some it looks like for one issuer it just might work. That issuer is Discover, and they are using cold hard cash to get consumers back to using their plastic with a special promotion called the "It Pays to Discover Everyday Giveaway".


With this giveaway the grand prize is a cool million and cardholders are entered when they use their card. While that is a great grand prize, Discover is also doing something a little different as up to seventy five people a day will receive gift card valued up to $500. In addition to that one of those winners will also receive $1 million in 2011.


So what does Discover think is worth a million dollars in cash? Well, according to a spokesperson it is simply the ability to grow the brand’s name, help remind consumers Discover Card is accepted at millions of location, and lastly (and not surprising the most important) to help increase card usage.