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Greater Rewards and Discounts with Chase Exclusives

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By Steven Gibbs
August 13, 2009

Chase Freedom Credit CardKnowing the importance of every dollar earned and spent, Chase wants to thank those customers who are doing business with them. Recently announced Chase has launched a new program that gives its checking account holders greater rewards when they make purchases with their Chase Freedom credit card.


According to Chase, their checking account customers will receive better rates, more rewards, and large discounts on almost all the financial products that are offered throughout Chase’s banking branches. Chase states that the Chase Freedom credit card is simply the best card offer when you compare to other credit cards on the market.


Chase’s attempt to gain more customers for both the Chase Freedom card and their checking accounts may indeed pay off in the end with more card and account holders. Like many companies, it seems that the more you bundle the better potential you have to earn more in savings or rewards. In my opinion this is a good offer if you are currently a Chase Freedom credit cardholder and are interested in opening a new checking account. However, before opening any checking account with any bank it would be wise to view what fees are associated with it. This could keep you from potentially paying more money in the long run than the savings and discounts that are earned.