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One Card + Multiple Accounts = “Hybrid Card”

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By Steven Gibbs
February 17, 2010

In a world where a growing number of people are looking for more convenience, products that focus on personal finance seem to get more interest then most. So when a company known as TSYS (Total Systems Services, Inc.) decided to announce a solution that gives cardholders the ability to pay from multiple bank accounts all from one card, many in the financial industry are paying attention.


TSYS has introduced a "hybrid" card that allows consumers to choose how they want to pay for products and services with their plastic. While it sounds similar to a debit card from your financial institution or one that is decoupled, this card is much different. Consumers using the card can choose whether the transaction will be directed to a traditional credit card (revolving credit line) or to a debit card from multiple bank accounts if the consumer has more than one. In turn the days of carrying more than one card could soon be behind us if this plastic takes hold with financial institutions.


When it comes to the opinions of a hybrid type of payment card, while it sound great for consumers, there are a few that probably hope this new product doesn’t grow in popularity. This is because experts have predicted that there are some that would not benefit from consumers using this product. For those that could have the potential to lose the most, many say that it will be major issuers of traditional debit cards. Retailers would also be expected to lose out by the switch as they incur higher cost when a credit card is used instead of a debit card, and with a hybrid card the chances of using a credit card are increased dramatically.