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Pay with Rewards with a MasterCard Credit Card

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By Steven Gibbs
May 14, 2010

How many times have you let your rewards that you have accumulated by making purchases with your credit card expire? If you are like millions of Americans it has probably been more times than you would like to admit. While at the moment there are many things that can help this not be a repeat occurrence such as emails and reminders (via text), it now looks like one that should take hold among cardholders is about to become available. It is brought to you by MasterCard and you will literally be able to "pay with rewards" that you have worked so hard to get.


According to an article entitled "MasterCard Introduces New Pay with Rewards Program", saving money at the places you shop most will be easier than ever before. With this new program, merchants and other business owners will be able to offer loyal shoppers discounts at the point of sale based on the amount rewards they have earned on other purchases with their plastic. At the moment under this new program it looks as though merchants will provide customers holding their store-branded MasterCard with a rewards "redemption" card, which customers can swipe at the merchants’ stores to pay for purchases with rewards earnings.


When it comes to using rewards to get discounts on future purchases, in many aspects this is something that looks like something that can quickly take root with cardholders. As times have changed dramatically and millions of people are looking for ways to save money, this could be what issuers need to have people spend on their credit cards.