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Retailers Compete With Their Plastic

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By Steven Gibbs
June 10, 2010

Shopping Credit CardsAs companies find new ways to attract and keep customers, it seems essential that they improve their current products or offer new ones to get the competitive edge. Although many people probably do not think about it, the same can be said when it comes to credit cards as well. As we have already seen new products hit the market to help cardholders gain better control their finances, it now seems that retailers are getting into the mix looking to give their cardholders more value for their bucks.


Beginning this fall it has recently been reported that cardholders of the Target Credit Card, Target Visa Credit Card and Target Check Card debit product will receive 5 percent off their purchases when they use their plastic at any Target store or the Target website. Unlike in the past where both new and existing cardholders would receive a coupon that can be used on a future day of shopping, this new incentive will deduct the 5 percent at the register when checking out.


When it comes to retailers and their card offerings, Target is not the only one to make a move hoping that you will use their plastic when making purchases. It was recently announced that cardholders of Wal-Mart’s reloadable prepaid card will receive cash back on fuel purchases. While it is not exactly on purchases in the store similar to Target, one can only imagine what these two companies which have competing for market share will announce next. Regardless of what it is, it looks like cardholders for both companies will have more money in their pocket in which I am sure no one will complain.