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Shell Targets College Students Via “$aver Card”

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By Steven Gibbs
September 30, 2009

Student Gas CardAs many people will tell you, one of the most important things you can do as a young adult is to build a sound financial base. With that in mind, the target of choice when it comes to marketing campaigns for companies are those that are college students. As with any college student purchasing necessities like textbooks, food and gasoline is a requirement. In most cases, student credit cards are used to help ease the burden of paying for these products. Now Shell Corporation wants to change that, at least when it comes to paying for gas.


So what does Shell have that can save college students money? Shell offers a card called the "$aver Card", which is much different than a gas rewards credit card. The $avers Card is a annual fee free secure non-credit product that acts like a debit card and links directly to an existing checking account. Since it is linked to a checking account, there is no impact to a college student’s credit score. In fact, a Shell representative states that since college students graduate with more than four thousand dollars in credit card debt, it is important to give students tools that not only save money but allow them to be budget savvy as well.


Now through December 31, 2009, Shell is giving discounts of five cents per gallon on all Shell-branded gasoline and diesel purchases with the Shell $aver Card. When the promotion ends, cardholders can still enjoy everyday discounts of two cents off per gallon.


To learn more go to www.shellsavercard.com.