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Some Look Elsewhere with NFL Credit Card Issuer Switch

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By Steven Gibbs
July 13, 2010

NFL Credit CardWhen it comes to credit cards and co-branded opportunities it is not unusual to see companies change issuers from time to time. The most recent move involved the NFL and their branded credit cards in which Barclays was chosen to issue their cards to both fans and non-fans alike. While for some this move is more than welcomed, for others that is simply not the case. This is because at the end of the process the main focus for many especially cardholders involves points that were acquired on every purchase.


With the move from Bank of America to Barclays, cardholders were notified that they will have two months to redeem any points earned by purchases. As with other instances where cardholders were urged to redeem their points a couple of problems have risen for some. For a few cardholders the only problem with spending these points is the feeling of being rushed after the time it took to acquire the amount of points they hold. For others it is the feeling that they will not be able to redeem points for what they were striving to get sometime in the future, and will have to start over.


So will this change in credit card issuers have any effects on cardholders with NFL branded plastic in their wallet? While the answer will more than likely be no for majority of the cardholders, for some the change has them considering other reward credit cards. So far the overwhelming thought process has been that if cardholders have to start over, it seems that many are focusing on other things that could be more useful to them such as increased cash back and travel among other things. Over the last couple of months we have seen many cards that give these rewards such as these on everyday purchases and only time will tell how many of those who owned NFL credit cards will switch to these newer cards.