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Tips for Traveling with a Credit Card

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By Steven Gibbs
June 23, 2010

Travel Credit CardsWith the summer quickly approaching and millions of people are gearing up to travel, there are literally hundreds of things that could be on a traveler’s mind. While it may not be the first thing packed, credit cards and other ways of making payments is obviously one of the most important. Even though many may believe that you don’t have to think ahead about carry a card, that is not the case and spending a little extra time coming up with a plan on when and where to use your plastic could payoff.


According to an article entitled "Tips for the Road: 5 Credit Card Must-Do for Travelers" there are a couple of things that cardholders must do to prepare for their time away from home. These tips make it easier than ever for travels who have trips close to home and even overseas to be prepare just in case any thing happens. They include the following:

  • Carrying cash in addition to your credit card
  • Limiting the amount of plastic you take
  • Staying alert at all times
  • Leaving your debit card behind
  • Always having an emergency plan

When it comes to traveling with your plastic, it is best to find out what benefits and features your card has just in case something unexpected happens. In many occasions you will find that the credit card you are carrying offer things from emergency assistance for travelers to hotel check in assistance. Some may even help cardholders pay for a hotel room even in the unfortunate case of their plastic being lost or stolen. If you can’t remember what all your card offers or are have trouble finding out, the easiest way is to contact your issuer before you leave.