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Traveling with Credit Cards can be Worry-Free

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By Steven Gibbs
August 2, 2010

When traveling, many people can agree that credit cards can make it easier to travel both throughout the United States as well as internationally. While most of us do a great job protecting our cash and personal documents while on vacation one thing that is often overlooked is our plastic whether it is debit or credit cards. By neglecting these critical items, many cardholders find the time that was set aside for enjoyment and relaxation turn into one full of headache and worries.


So what are some ways to help keep your plastic safe? While many may seem effortless, in many cases it is just simply taking the time to do the little things that are often overlooked when one is in a hurry or is excited. Some tips include:

  • Notify issuer or bank before leaving
  • Give ways for issuer or bank to contact you
  • Use cash when able and diversify on your ways  to pay for purchases
  • Keep any and all receipts of products and services
  • Keep your bank and credit card contact information handy

As with most things, the proper precautions can help keep your travel plans as intended and can even make them better by being worry free. Of the tips listed above, one of the most important things that any cardholders can do is reach out to their financial institution. While many of us only contact our issuers when unwelcome changes have occurred to our credit card terms or when a charge needs to be disputed, those traveling should contact them before they leave out the door. Letting your issuer know when and where you will be on vacation could help prevent your issuer from freezing your account due to what could be taken as "suspicious activity". This will also help in any event of your card being lost or stolen while you are on vacation.