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Video: Experts Talk Student Credit

Kristin McGrath

June 19, 2013

In addition to picking a major and adjusting to life away from home, many college students find themselves contending with financial independence — and credit — for the first time.

But we wouldn’t want students to have to learn everything the hard way. Credit mistakes can have major repercussions, after all. So we gathered a panel of experts, including Susan Knox (CPA and author of “Financial Basics: A Money Management Guide for Students”), Martin Dasko from personal finance blog Studenomics and Rebecca Barry from the University of Arizona’s Credit-Wise Cats, for a Google Hangout.

With our moderator and CreditCardGuide expert-at-large Erica Sandberg, our panel tackled some touchy questions (Should you co-sign a credit card for a friend?), gave some solid advice (How do you know you’re really ready for a credit card?) and shared some wisdom for parents (What do your kids need to know about credit before they fly the nest?).

If you missed our live hangout, you can watch the video below, or on our Google+ page.