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What’s Next for Reward Credit Cards?

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By Steven Gibbs
April 28, 2010

When it comes to reward credit cards, there is no doubt that they have become one of the most popular types of plastic within the past couple of years. Even during times that cardholders interest rate have skyrocketed, these types of cards remain strong as one that garners the attention of consumers even during a "downturn" in the economic environment. For this very reason reward cards as well as rewards have seemed to continue to evolve on a regular basis.


When looking at reward credit cards, over the past few months consumers have seen many of the major issuers offer products from what is considered "affluent" to those that are young adults. Some examples of these include the Venture Card from Capital One, the Sapphire Preferred Card from Chase and the Zync Card from American Express. While these are only a few, experts believe that many more will soon be made available as cardholders migrate to rewards that offer more than what consumers have come to love. Just like the cards listed above, future cards will have to peak the interest of potential cardholders with more than just an increase in mileage or concierge service. It must set itself apart from its competitors in ways that is deemed far more valuable.


While credit cards rewards seem to be offering consumers more these days, there is one thing that every potential cardholder should think about before apply for plastic. With the increase in rewards, many issuers have also increased the annual fee associated with the card. While earning double miles or additional cashback may be great, sometimes the annual fee could negate any rewards earned and ultimately cost you more in the long run.