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Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D.


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Does Heavy Card Use Hurt Credit Scores?

Unfortunately, it can, says Eva Norlyk Smith. If you're the type of cardholder who runs up a big balance each month, then pays it off, don't think you're off the hook. Your issuer may report the big balance to FICO before you repay it

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Don’t Let Your Rewards Earnings Go Unused

Are you making the most of your rewards cards? If you have a habit of using only some of the rewards points you earn, you're not alone. Here are five tips for making sure you redeem the full value of your cards

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3 Shortcuts to Earning Elite Frequent Flier Status

Elite frequent flier miles get you better perks — but they're also pricier and harder to get. Here are three shortcuts to speeding up your earnings so that you can cash in on your newly elite status

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4 Credit Mistakes Seniors Often Make

Most people look forward to retirement as 'the golden years' — a time to finally relax and enjoy life. But if you don't tend to your credit in the meantime, you could find yourself in serious financial trouble

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The True Value of a Christmas Savings Club

Christmas savings clubs help members squirrel away money for the holidays and avoid holiday debt regret, says Eva Norlyk Smith. Just make sure you shop around before signing up for the first Christmas savings club you see

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