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Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D.


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Fix Your FICO Score, Save on Car Insurance?

Consumers with poor credit don't just pay higher rates on car loans. They also pay much higher premiums on car insurance, say experts. Here's what you can do to lower your rates

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Gifting Frequent Flier Miles Can Be Costly

A reader wants to give her airline miles to her daughter as a Christmas gift. But transferring miles through your airline can be expensive, says Eva Norlyk Smith, and is rarely worth the trouble.

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Why Use Business Credit Cards For A Startup?

A budding entrepreneur needs a card for her business and isn't sure what type to choose. Is a business card a smart choice for a new entrepreneur? It depends on how she uses it, says Eva Norlyk Smith.

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In Marriage, Sharing Credit Cards Can Be Costly

A reader's credit score is too low to qualify for a rewards card, but her husband's credit is close to perfect. Can she take advantage of his score to access rewards? Sure, says credit expert Eva Norlyk Smith. But she should first think long and hard about the consequences.

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Credit Card Traps 2.0: What You Need to Know

Most consumers would agree that the Credit CARD Act of 2009 made life easier for credit card users. However, despite the new protections, card issuers have been quick to come up with new traps for unsuspecting consumers.

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