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Eva Norlyk Smith Ph.D.


Eva Norlyk Smith Ph.D.

Eva Norlyk Smith has covered credit cards and credit-related topics for since 2004. She specializes in writing easy-to-understand articles that offer both in-depth commentary and practical advice for consumers seeking to navigate the ins and outs of credit cards.

In doing so, she draws on her experience as both a small business owner and consumer juggling an extensive collection of credit cards.

Eva holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and in her spare time is fond of pondering the psychology of credit card usage, particularly when paying her credit card bills each month.


Eva Norlyk Smith Ph.D.'s articles at

Good behavior shortens bad credit sentence

Once an account goes into collections, it stays on your credit reports for seven years. In the meantime, though, there’s a lot to do to help your credit heal faster

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Upgrading to a better cash-back card

Don’t remain faithful to a credit card that doesn’t suit you. There are plenty of other options, whether you’re looking to minimize fees or maximize rewards (or both)

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How can I get my son to care about credit?

Her son is in his early 20s and wants nothing to do with credit. How can she win him over to the benefits of a good credit score?

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My card's maxed out. How do I get more credit?

Her credit card is at the limit, and she’d like to get more cards to spread out the load. Bad move, says our expert

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How to build credit in your 40s

She’s in her 40s with a thin credit history and worries she won’t be able to get a car loan. But, as our expert points out, it’s never too late to start building credit

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