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Marcia Frellick


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How to Successfully Dispute a Credit Card Charge

In this season of shopping, shipping and swiping, chances increase there will be items on your credit bill you’d like removed. Here are some tips for disputing charges — and getting your money back

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When and How to Raise Your Credit Limit

With some strategic thinking, you can use your credit limit to your advantage and even use it to boost your credit score. Here's when you might want to adjust your limit and how to get your bank to work with you

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Is Paying by Fingerprint in the Future?

At some point in the not-too-distant future, credit card users may be asked by some banks and merchants to prove their identity with a fingerprint or by the sound of their voice

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Why Regular Credit Check-Ups Can Pay Off

When it comes to physical wellness, regular check-ups can help keep you active and healthy. That same principle applies to credit, a recent study by TransUnion has found

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Govt. Watchdog Zeroes in on Debt Collectors

Consumers hounded by sometimes-threatening debt collection calls could soon get some relief. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be keeping a closer eye on debt collectors starting next year

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