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Marcia Frellick


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Getting a Credit Union Card: A Smart Move?

Credit unions may seem like an attractive alternative to big banks. But can they fulfill all your credit card needs?

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Cards Woo Consumers With Creative Rewards

Credit card rewards are getting more creative, offering access to everything from early concert ticket sales to racing your own stock car to tandem sky diving.

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Credit Card-Related Robocalls on the Rise

If you get a robocall from a company claiming it can lower your credit card interest rate, hang up. It's a scam that could have you giving up your personal information and your money

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Penalty APRs Can Make Your Interest Rate Spike

You may be proud of your low-interest credit card now, but if you’re not careful, that low APR could be jacked up so high it’ll make your head spin. Here's what you need to know about penalty APRs

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Paying for College with Credit Can Backfire

If you're struggling to make tuition payments, reaching for your credit card can be tempting. Yet many students who do so end up dropping out to deal with debt, according to a recent Demos survey

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