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Marcia Frellick


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12 Pro Tips for Shutting Down ID Thieves

Do you consider yourself security-savvy when it comes to shopping online? There’s always room for improvement. Here are a dozen ways to take identity protection to the next level

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Maxed Out: 5 Other Sources of Emergency Cash

When an emergency strikes, you may find yourself needing some cash fast. But, if your credit cards are maxed out, where do you turn? Here are 5 options

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Debt Settlements: A Helping Hand, or a Trap?

A debt settlement can let you pay less than you owe and get collectors off your back. Yet, experts warn, you can never truly escape the consequences of your debts

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Rejected Credit Cards a Headache for Travelers

Telling your bank about your travel plans means your card won't get declined, right? Not always. Some travelers share their stories

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Are Teens Skipping Important Money Milestones?

Teens are shunning mainstream financial institutions — and the financial chaos they saw during the recession gives them good reason. Yet is this cynicism delaying this generation's financial adulthood?

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