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Want $100? Enter our Facebook contest

Kristin McGrath

August 6, 2013

If you've ever looked at your credit card statement and thought, “I can't believe I charged that!” you might be able to get some of your money back if you win our Facebook essay contest, running now until noon Central Standard Time on Aug. 7.

Maybe you charged something frivolous that you're still paying off. Or maybe your most unbelievable purchase wasn't a mistake — perhaps you charged something spontaneous that you'll never regret, funded a dream on credit or used your card to survive a rough spot. Whatever your circumstances, we want to hear your story and any lessons you learned in 300 words or fewer.

Your “I Can't Believe I Charged That!” story could win you a $100 Visa gift card. We've got $50 and $25 gift cards for our second- and third-place winners as well. To view contest rules and enter, visit our contest page.

Need some inspiration? Read what these personal finance experts had to say when we asked them to confess their most unbelievable purchases.

Our panel will be judging based on your story and how you tell it — so be yourself, and be creative. If you have a photo of your purchase you'd like to share, you can upload it on our contest page.

Enter our contest here.