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Cards without Foreign Transaction Fee Aren't Free

Eva Norlyk Smith Ph.D.

April 11, 2012

Credit cards offer a way to pay for travel expenses without carrying wads of cash or dealing with currency conversion fees. However, many consumers return from their travels to discover, too late, that the convenience came with a price tag — a 1 percent to 3 percent foreign transaction fee added to all overseas credit card charges.

More card issuers, however, have been dropping foreign transaction fees on their credit cards, which is good news for Americans heading overseas this summer. Yet these cardholders can still expect to pay in the form of other card fees.

Banks dumping fees
In the past, consumers looking for credit cards without foreign transaction fees had few choices. A July 2010 study by Pew Trust found that more than 90 percent of bank credit cards featured a 2.7 percent to 3 percent foreign transaction fee.

Capital One has long been known for waiving foreign transaction fees on all its cards.

“It has been our longstanding policy not to charge any foreign exchange fees on any of our credit card products,” writes Sukhi Sahni, senior communications manager at Capital One in an email. “We do not pass on the 1 percent fee assessed by Visa or MasterCard (we absorb it), nor do we assess one of our own.”

Now, however, as card issuers are looking for more ways to be competitive, many are waiving foreign transaction fees on select credit cards, and some are eliminating them on all their card offerings.

Discover dropped foreign transaction fees on all its credit cards in November 2011. Around the same time, Pentagon Federal Credit Union announced that it was also dropping the fee on all its cards. Both Chase and Citi joined the fray by eliminating the fee on an increasing number of their credit cards as well.

American Express dropped the foreign transaction fee on its Platinum Charge Card, which features a $450 annual fee, but still charges a 2.7 percent foreign transaction fee on all its other cards. Many credit unions feature lower transaction fees, adding only the 1 percent surcharge levied by Visa and MasterCard to foreign transactions. Most other card issuers, including Bank of America, HSBC, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo still charge the full 3 percent fee on overseas charges.

Issuers make up any loss in other ways
If you have a card that waives foreign transaction fees, don&#039t bring out the champagne just yet. While credit cards without foreign transaction fees are easier to come by, there are still plenty of catches. For some issuers, the foreign transaction fee is predominantly waived on premium credit cards, many of which come with steep annual fees as high as $450. Of course, many premium cards also feature added rewards benefits, which, for some, will make the annual fee worthwhile. However, unless you were planning to take advantage of those benefits already, it might not be worth paying a premium annual fee to save 3 percent on credit card charges when traveling.

It may be a while before consumers see more issuers dropping international transaction fees on cards without annual fees. That&#039s because 1 percent of the fee is a non-discretionary charge levied by MasterCard and Visa for processing overseas transactions. In short, in addition to dropping their own 2 percent surcharges, card issuers eliminating foreign transaction fees would be forced to cover this 1 percent charge out of their own pockets.

Lucky enough to find a card that has no annual fee or foreign transaction fee? Even they may not offer a free ride while you&#039re abroad. For example, while most Discover cards come without annual fees, Discover cardholders may find the dropped foreign transaction fee to be of limited benefit. Discover is accepted in far fewer locations overseas than Visa or MasterCard, and cardholders will likely not be able to use a Discover card as their primary credit card when traveling.

Similarly, while the Pentagon Federal credit cards are attractive (they feature both below-market interest rates and no annual fees), you have to be a member of PenFed to apply. Would-be members who don&#039t meet eligibility requirements must join one of PenFed&#039s partner charity organizations – and make a nominal, one-time donation. Not all consumers will want to jump through such hoops.

Before applying for a credit card with no (or low) foreign transaction fees, it&#039s important to look at the whole picture. Use the chart below to see how your current credit cards stack up, and which cards may offer the most attractive solution for your travels. Keep in mind that terms will vary, depending on your creditworthiness.



Credit card Purchase APR* Annual fee
Foreign transaction fee
American Express Gold Delta Skymiles 15.24% to 19.24% $95 (waived the first year) 2.7%
American Express Platinum Delta Skymiles 15.24% to 19.24% $150 2.7%
American Express Platinum (charge card) N/A $450 0%
All Other American Express cards Varies Varies 2.7%
Capital One VentureOne,
Capital One Platinum Prestige,
Capital One Cash Rewards
Capital One Orbitz Visa Platinum
10.9% to 19.9% $0 0%
Capital One Venture 13.9% to 20.9% $59 (waived the first year) 0%
Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card 14.24% $45 (waived the first year) 3%
Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card 15.24% $85 (waived the first year) 0%
Chase Sapphire 15.24% $0 3%
Chase Sapphire Preferred 15.24% $95 (waived the first year) 0%
Chase British Airways 14.24% $95 0%
Chase  Priority Club Select Visa 15.24% $49 (waived the first year) 0%
Chase Hyatt 15.24% $75 0%
Chase Ritz Carlton Rewards Cards 15.24% $395 0%
Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Card 15.24% $95 (waived the first year) 3%
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus 15.24% $69 3%
Citi Thank You,
Citi ThankYou Preferred,
Citi Simplicity,
Citi Dividend Platinum,
Citi Diamond Preferred,
Citi HHilton Honors Visa Signature,
Citi Forward Card
12.99% to 22.99% $0 3%
Citi ThankYou Premier Rewards Card 13.99 to 22.99% $125 (waived the first year) 0%
Citi Thank You Prestige 15.24% $500 0%
Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature card,
CitiAAdvantageAmerican Express card
15.24% $50 (waived the first year) 3%
Citi Platinum SelectAAdvantage World MasterCard 15.24% $95 (waived the first year) 3%
Escape by Discover Card 10.99% to 15.99% $60 0%
Discover More,
Discover Open Road
Miles by Discover
Discover Motiva
10.99% to 19.99% $0 0%
PenFed Promise Visa Card,
PenFed Visa Platinum Cash Rewards Card,
PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express Card
9.99% $0 0%
Source: CreditCardGuide.com survey of leading credit card issuers. Terms and conditions are subject to change by issuer. Data current as of April 11, 2012. *Annual percentage rates (APRs) are typically variable and subject to change by the credit card issuer.